I love summer camp. There are diferente types of summer camps, like:  sport camp, art camp and  technology camp.

Ins summer camp we can do sports, learn new languages, do some adventure activities, I can learn now to act, dance and do arts , I can also learn interesting things.

The benefits os attending summer camps are: exposes children to new experiences and puts them in a situation where they make new friends, they can learn more about themselves and what they are capable of and they have the opportunity to play, laugh and create memories.

Summer Camps have negative aspects the food, timetables and accidents.

In our home we eat just what we want and we go to bed don’t have to get up early because It’s summer.

Another negative aspect are the accidents, specially in sport activities.

I was in a summer camp in London.

I went alone and I did a lot of friends. I learn English and I did canoeing, drawing and painting.

I personally love summer camps. I made great friendships and I had the possibility to do a lot of  activities.

My favourite type of summer camp is sport camp.

I would like to repeat the experience of summer camp and I would like to do photography and water sports.

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