I’m going to talk about healthy and unhealthy food. I don’t have a good relationship with food but I try to have a balanced diet.

I have a balanced diet, exercise and only eat unhealthy food on special days. I practise sports four times a week, a swimming class in Alhandra Sporting Club and three hours  of acrobatics gymnastics in Sociedade Euterpe Alhandrense.  My relationship with my coach and colleagues is very good. I love my sports.

I do not spend much time on the computer or watching TV. We have to be careful with our eyes and weight. My interests or activities in my free time are sports, outdoor activities. I have a Facebook account to talk with my friends and contact people I like in a distance, but I don’t care about gaming networks, because I’m not fond of computer games.

My favourite community is the acrobatic gymnastics group I belong to after school. It is very cool and it is my favorite sport. We learn to do several things, some riskier than others, for example we learn to make flips, somersaults, pins bridges, among others. I love it.

It is important to have a balanced diet, so you can eat food that does you good on a regular basis,  unhealthy food on a party day. We have to exercise or choose a sport that we like, which can be done in a group or alone. All this is good both for our physical and psychological, so I love being an active person.



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