About Us

Ana Carolina:






Our school is located in Alhandra. It has five main buildings, a gym, a sports field and a canteen.Our school subjects are Portuguese, Maths, History, Geography, French, English, Science, Physics and Chemistry, Arts, Physical Education, Maths Workshop, ICT and IT. We have several clubs: Dance Club,  Trampolines Club, Basketball Club and Badminton Club.

Our favourite school facilities are the playground and bar because we can hang out with our friends.Our favourite school subjects are History, Physical Education, English, French and Science, because we like learning foreign languages and we love sports.Our favourite school activities are to study in the library and chatting with our friends in the school playground.

Our favourite school day is Monday because we have more time to be with our friends. Last week on Monday we had lunch and had loads of fun together. It was great!

The positive aspects of our school are our cool buddies and friendly teachers. It’s a small school, but welcoming.  It ‘s a bit noisy though.

Bye, bye!!!!!