The different types of Summer Camps are adventure Camp, Basketball Camp, Creative Arts Camp, Football Camp, Golf Camp, Horse Riding Camp, Junior Adventures Camp, Combo Camp, Performing Arts Camp, Leadership Training Camp and Intensive English Language Camp, in England. The activities that can be done in Summer Camp are aerobics, basketball, dance, football, orienteering, softball, arts and crafts, cooking, drama, high and low ropes course, photography, swimming, volleyball, badminton, cricket, field hockey, music, rugby, table tennis and evening activities.

The benefits of Summer Camps are to make new friends and it teaches teens to overcome fears so that they will not have them in the future. It teaches them the importance of community and teamwork, they overcome emotional and psychological challenges and gain inward strength. Learning to triumph over obstacles helps overcome shyness, give children the opportunity to play, laugh and create memories. In my opinion, there are no negative aspects, because of the several benefits. The biggest benefit is that we can talk with other people, from different cultures.

I have not had any experiences in a Summer Camp, but my ideal Summer Camp would be the Adventure Camp, because there is a lot of adventure, adrenaline and I would do some activities, for example slide, paintball, orienteering and many other activities. In my opinion Summer Camps are good, because we can meet other people, make new friends and get familiar with other realities.

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