The most memorable moment of my summer holidays  was when I was in the Algarve, because I was with my friends and my family and we had a lot of fun. The worst day was when we had to leave so we were very sad because we were all together and had a lot of fun.

Last summer I met friends of my friends on the beach and an Italian lady who made some strange moves and we laughed a lot at that, then called her “Crazy”, but we did not talk to her.

Part of my time was spent with my friends, we threw parties, organized contests and other activities. Next summer I would like it to be the same, but we need more contests and enjoy ourselves at the beach inflatable more often.





One thought on “Maria’s Holidays: Time of Freedom”

  1. Wow, this sounded like you had an amazing holiday.
    I also love going on holiday with my family and spending time with them.
    And I believe you made a mistake with “The worst day was when we did not have to leave”
    instead of the worst day was when we had to leave.

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